How To Make Assured Your Site is Up To Date: 9 Most Essential Factors

Creating and launching a website is a good deal. However, if you assume that once you launch a website, you’re done, you’re likely to miss really a lot. A website lacks constant care and daily updates.

Why it is important to have search engine optimization for website?

There are several quite essential factors why you should consider regular investments to your online presence. These factors are:

Your rank by search engines. I bet you need to see your website on the first page of search results. Search engines “love” websites that are regularly updated as they regard that such websites give more suitable and up-to-date content to the customers. Moreover, over the time some links on your website may become a subject to link decay. If you don’t troubleshoot broken links daily, search engines notice this and rate you lower.

How people identify your website. If people land on your website and look that the newest blog posts there date two years back, they are likely to think that your business is not active or even finish existing. Therefore, they would opt for your competitors that are more active on the website.

Amount of interlinking. If you daily post new informative and unique content, you’re expected to see people sharing it in social networks and linking to it on their websites. This is good for you in terms of SEO. However, if your good contents were created a couple of years ago, the rate if interlinking declines carelessly.

What are the three leading vectors of website updates?

I hope you’re pretty much persuaded that optimizing your website is essential. But how to access it? Indeed, there are three  types of website care that you should regard. Let’s shortly review them, before we go into detail:

Technical maintenance. No website is ideal, and over time your website is likely to encounter such problem as broken links, 404 Errors or missing media content. You want to regularly check for the debut o f such problems and fix them in order for your website not to lose its ranking by search engines.

Updating your website content. For a high-ranking website, a bright, daily updated blog section is a must. Moreover, you want to update other sections of your website, such contact details, testimonials, home page, etc.

Keeping your website design up-to-date. Your good content won’t win over the hearts of your website guests if it’s granted on an outdated website that looks like a ghost from the past. Design accounts for the primary impression that your visitors get on your website, as well as for their need to keep coming back to it.

9 Tips to Follow to Keep Your Website Regularly Updated

1) Eliminate Presence of Broken Links

Broken links create it impossible to approach some pages on your website and result in site guests” mistake. Websites with broken links are downplayed by search engines so that fewer people bumble upon broken links.

It’s okay that links get broken: some revenue may be relocated, some pages may be archived or delete. It’s not okay if you don’t check for broken links and don’t troubleshoot them.

To find and fix broken links you can turn to online tools, such as V3C Link Checker, Dead Link Checker, Online Broken Link Checker and other tools. Moreover, if you run a CMS or e-commerce website, you may utilize a plugin or expansion that checks for broken links.

In some cases, a manual checkup for broken links is still significant. A page may return HTTP 200 (OK) response (that is not recognized by broken links checker), but still display the content that is not applicable.

To avert the presence of broken links on your website, use reliable link building plans, minimize URL change and page removal, utilize shorter URLs, and avert linking to false sources and PDF files.

If you mind all these elements and daily check for broken links, you’ll be assured that every single link on your website works perfectly, no matter how many pages your website has.

2) Daily Update Your Website Engine and Plugins

Keeping the software on your website up-to-date is a decent concern. If you run a website with the assist of a CMS (Content Management System) or an E-commerce engine, you want to update the engine once the latest version of it is released.

Why update your website engine?

Daily engine updates are fundamental from a security point of view. Not updating your website daily creates your website exposed to hacker attacks, which is clearly not what you want.

When optimizing your website, you should do it with attention. You should always make a full website backup before updating your website so that you can always go back your website to the past state in case something goes false.

Update not only the engine but also website plugins. With latest plugin versions, you’ll have more functionality and features that you want.

3) Have a generally Updated Blog

First of all, it must be said that your website does want a blog section. Even if you run an e-commerce website, you want a blog section to create your website more inviting and to upgrade your position in search engine search results.

Once you have your blog, you need to update it. Add new posts a couple of times every week, or at least just once a week, and both individual and search engines will look that your website is alive and booming.

Don’t know what to post? Find some concepts below:

Review some products or services that your focus auditory is interested in.

Share news and visions into daily life of your business. This is the best way to let people learn about your logic and attitude.

Make a poll and ask your site visitors what the things that they need to learn more about are. Then, address the points that were preferred for by the bulk of your audience.

Interview someone by email or utilizing web technologies, such as Skype, Viber, etc. Share the video and/or the transcript of it and add more value to your blog by this.

4) Make Assured Your Contact and Personal Information Is Up-To-Date

Your customers should always be adept to reach you out. This is a rule of the thumb. As time passes, some of your contact details may difference. Keep in mind that in this case, you want to update information on your website as soon as possible.

This also assigns to your operating hours. Is there a holiday coming soon? Don’t forget to notify your customers that you’re having a day off, so they know this and don’t get agitated that they can’t reach you out.

5) Post New Testimonials

Don’t be dull to share good things that people say about you. Fresh testimonials are finally not a thing you should forget about.

Be Active In Social Networks

All modern businesses count heavily on the presence in social networks. If your website isn’t fixed to your accounts in social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s rather a beautiful disappointing oversight that should be accounted for.

Once you connect your website to your social media profiles, you should keep/begin daily sharing some small updates there. Having a corporate party or just a morning cup of coffee with some engaging person? Share these moments and provide your followers an insight into your daily life.

To further boost your accounts on social networks, you may use widgets that display feeds from social networks on your website. It’s a good way to kill two birds with one stone, as with the assist of a widget you update contents on your website and in social networks concurrently.

For example, display Instagram feed widget on your home page. With no additional text, such a widget is a good tool to display your active social life and get more followers on this social network.

6) Watch Out For Outdated Imagery

Imagery is an essential part of every website page. Once site guests land on a page, they revere its design and imagery, and just then decide whether content is worth reading or not.

So, come back to your old posts from time to time and substitute outmoded imagery with the state-of-art one. This year, forget about waited, unnatural stock imagery and go for authentic photography that presents actual people in actual situations. Such imagery is proven to call more to emotions of your site guests and carry you more conversions.

7) Monitor Analytics and Run Help Testing

When you monitor your website analytics, see for the pages that have the highest bound rate. What’s wrong there? Think of how you can reshuffle, redesign or update the content of these pages so that they are as pleased as your other website pages.

As the number of your website contents expands over time, you want to test, whether it’s still helpful for your website guests to handle and utilize your website. Running help testing is approved once or twice a year. Don’t oversight this practice, as the convenience of your customers should be one of your cardinal concerns.Make sure you hire best seo agency in India.

8) Make Assured Your E-Shop Is Up-To-Date

If you’re running an e-shop, you should usually check whether your product data is up-to-date. Is the number of products usable displayed correctly? Are all the product modification presented still available at your shop? Is the price still the same? Be correct and always give what you promise, and clients will prefer you over your competitors.

9) Keep In Line With Newer Web Design Trends

If updating your website contents is something beautiful much like a daily every day, then updating the design of your website is an extraordinary, but an essential undertaking that you also can’t live without. Even the freshest and most appealing contents will lose their call if presented on an obsolete, crummy website.

To update your website design you may either higher an upper-end designer and obtain your website a custom redesign, or use a modern website template to rapidly make your website look a couple of years “younger”. New website templates are a good tool to revamp your website, as they not only have visibly appealing designs but also come with a number of helpful plugins.

Keeping your website up-to-date is a must if you seek to maximize your income with your website. You should generally update your website blog, make assured that other content on your website is up-to-date, bring out regular technical checkups and fixes, and improve your website design at least once in a couple of years. If you manage to successfully keep your website up-to-date, all the world will know your website as booming and appealing online place, worth allocating time and money.


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