How to Find Out How Much Traffic Your Website Attracts?

In order to have a good idea about how much traffic your website should be getting, it is useful to observe the most common trends that have been constantly recorded across a huge number of websites belonging to different service groups. Looking at a completely generalized traffic data has been verified more useful than following traffic scores of websites that have been gathered on the basis of a special variable as the figures are often deceitful.

Traffic Developments

This trend displays a slow but consistent rise in the traffic score across a complete year. In order to get an easier understanding of this data we can see at the traffic score in the first four months which averaged below 10G and then regularly moved above 12 G in the next two months and peaked up to 16G by the end of the year.


While you are seeing at the above-mentioned data, it is essential to focus on the timeline rather than the actual traffic flow figures that have been mentioned in the example. Try to keep close watch at your monthly traffic scores and if the figures are on the rise then you know that you are on the right track! Ideally, your monthly figures should be going up by at least 20% as compared to the traffic flow figures from the previous month but the peak will mainly depend upon your different Digital Marketing approaches that bring us to the next crucial factor that regulates website traffic.

Organic and Social Media Traffic

Internet Marketing plays a main role in attracting traffic to websites that in turn increments return and benefits to the companies. Of late organic or search engine traffic has been allow as one of the most efficient ways to optimize traffic to commercial websites. One of the prime reasons for the success of organic search engines like Google and Yahoo is that it assists websites to gain targeted traffic as disputed to general traffic. For example if your website deals in manufacturing DIY solar panels you are more likely to get targeted visitors who have been directed to your website after searching for “ Homemade Solar Panels” on a search engine. Apart from search engines, social media like Facebook, blogs and twitter have also become a very basic part in boosting website traffic. A new market survey on Alexa (an online web analytics resource) scored Facebook as a top competition followed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Bookmarking websites, Blogging websites and Social News.

Targeted Traffic

Maximizing your website’s traffic is not all about attracting the maximum number of visitors. It has more to do with implementing smart marketing approaches that will assist you to tap into your target client base. So how do you make assured that your website is usable to potential customers? The solution lies in optimizing your website through organic search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing good quality and informative article with back links to your website is also very useful in getting targeted visitors who are seeing for particular products and services endorsed by you.

Conversion Rate

Now that you have understood the attention of attracting a target group of visitors to your website as opposing to getting generalized traffic let us now focus on how to use the conversion factor to make your website all the more commercially feasible. A website’s conversion rate mainly refers to the ratio or difference between the numbers of visitors that appear to your website as compared to the ones that really convert into customers. A high conversion rate automatically points to the fact that your marketing strategies are working comfortably. In order to increment your conversion factor it is very fundamental to focus on marketing strategies that can optimize targeted traffic to your website as it is natural that people seeing out for particular products and services are more likely to convert into definite customers than common visitors.

Quality vs. Quantity

When it appears to determining the adequacy of your website based on traffic it is very basic to understand the big difference between the important qualities of the traffic as opposed to its quantity. Let suppose that website A attracts more than 10,000 visitors per day while site B attracts a much lower number that commonly hovers around 500 – 1500 visitors. The above figures do not make website A naturally a more commercially successful website as disputed to site B. This is because even though the traffic score of site A may be on the higher side but when we see at the conversion rate we might recognize that site B is actually making around 50 – 70 clients per day while the former website is strongly hitting the 20 customers a day mark!

It is therefore essential to understand that when you are looking at developing your website’s traffic score you need to primarily focus on optimizing the quality and nature of your traffic rather than maximizing on the number of visitors who are clicking on your website. Once you have the appropriate marketing strategies in place you will be capable to attract more and more targeted customers that will automatically optimize your benefit.


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