What is Google Design Sprint? How it Works

Google design sprint is an energetic user experience and product design technology utilized by businesses. This Google product is a five-phase framework and assists you to answer some essential business quarries which thereby assist you to launch the products quicker. It aims to put the business, technology, and customer in the center and then develop the project. Some essential answers of the project are answered with the assist of designing, prototyping and testing out new ideas.

Google Design Sprint may be utilized to carry out in a number of areas. Some of these are as follows:

  • While launching a new product or service.
  • Adding new features to your product.
  • Develop the opportunities for your product.
  • Solve an issue with your product.
  • Provide better UX design to your customers.
  • Speed up the development procedure.
  • Extend an existing experience to a new platform.
  • Empower your team.
  • Enhance sharing and collaboration amongst the team members.
Complete Google Design Sprint procedure:

The complete Google Design Sprint procedure is undertaken in 5 different steps. Each of these steps covers of different UX design procedures like user interviews, user testing, and user research. You can move back and forth and make any changes as needed. These are:

  • Unpack
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate

In the unpack phase of the Google Sprint, it is significant that you get the concerned team members together who go to get a common goal. It is significant that you select the team members from all the levels of your organization like product managers, UX designers and researchers. This phase assists you to enhance the understanding of the project. In this phase, it is significant that the team members ask correct quarries that can assist figure out the issues. This may assist you to tackle the issue in a better way and also get an idea of the various problems that are faced by various people.


After finding out the issues in the unpack phase of the Google Design Sprint, it is significant to figure out the solutions to the issues. Each of the team members in this phase must be asked to figure out the solution for the issues encountered in the unpack phase. In case the issue is big scale, it must be broken down into convenient chunks and then find issues for these personal chunks. It is significant to get as many probable solution ideas as probable for the issues encountered. It is also significant for this phase to find out original answers as these may assist you to stand out your products and services from the rest.


After the successful completion of the Sketch phase, it is significant to figure out the best probable solution for the issue encountered. It is because you cannot work on all the probable solutions as it will lead to the wastage of time and money. Before selecting an idea to be taken into attention and take it to the prototype phase, it is significant that you have an idea of how the solution may competition with your users, objectives, resources, capabilities etc. It is also significant to take into consideration the budget, users, technology and business drives.


After the completion of the decide phase, the next essential step that appears forward is the Prototype phase. It assists you to test various ideas and saves the time, money and other resources. If utilized perfectly, it can also assist you to predict if a particular solution may turn out to be a success or a failure. In this phase, you are to make a prototype that can be tested by the users. If probable, the prototypes thus created must be collective. It is also significant that the prototype must be specific, polished, clear and simple to test with specific users and receive their feedback. This assists you to get amazing results as it can assist you get a better feedback from the users.


Last but not the least, appears the chance of validation. In this procedure, the users are brought together and are asked to connect with the prototype. Then with the assist of making notes, they come to know about any new issues. You can also ask positive questions with the users to get an idea of how the users connect and what are the issues that they face. It is also significant that in such a case, you must try out users must vary to get an idea of the issues faced by various users.

Advantages of using Google Design Sprint:

  • Google Design Sprint turns out to be absolutely beneficial to the users. Here are some of the ways in which it may turn out to be useful to you.
  • Provide quick and clear solutions to an issue.
  • Validate the challenges encountered.
  • Understand the usefulness of a solution.
  • Provide economical solution for a problem.
  • Use the resources to its fullest.
  • Get response on the prototype.
  • Analyze the potential of the solution to the issue.
  • Increment in the participation of the personals of the organization with more commitment as they trust that their opinion in the organization matters.
  • Increment in the creativity of the people.
Google Design Sprint assists you to tackle even the most complex issues with ease and also lets you analyze the feasibility and the future of the project. Based on your requirement, you can decide for Google Design Sprint basis and make assured that you are able to get the task done rapidly and simply. If you too are planning to give a better UX Design to your users or are planning for a new project, it is time to management user research, collect your team, find a right place, collect the supplies and go ahead with the Google Design Sprint. This may assist you to get an idea of the result of the project and also assist you to save time and money.


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